Single Vanities

Have a small bathroom? Need a bathroom vanity but don’t want to waste a lot of floor space or finances? If yes, then the single vanities are what you should find. These are compact type vanities that have one ample space divided into multiple sections. The thing is half the size of a standard double or full-sized vanity yet maintains ample storage space. You can use it to store all your towels, shampoos, soaps, and other supplies with ease. And, all these come without any hefty price or hassle.

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Location of the Vanity

Single bathroom vanities are not limited by location, unlike the towel storage or laundry basket. You can place it anywhere in the house-bathroom, dressing room, powder room, and even in the bedroom. As long as the thing doesn’t interfere with the design of the place, it will look and work fine.

And obviously, you most probably have decided the right spot for placing it. However, if you haven’t, do it before planning anything. 

The location of the bathroom vanities has a direct effect on the material, size, and most other decision-making factors. For instance, if you are getting single vanities for the bathroom, you must pay attention to water resistance.

The same isn’t true for vanities to be placed in a powder room or bedroom. These places have a lot less moisture level than bathrooms. 

Find the Dimension

Single vanities for bathrooms are not that limited by size. You can find them in multiple different sizes. Of course, there are some standards it will follow, but it’s still best to know your requirements. 

So, start by measuring the area available in your bathroom or the spot where you plan to place your vanity. Next, gather all the items that you plan to store and calculate the area they will need. Then compare both the measurements and choose the size according to them.


Single bathroom vanities are a considerable investment and need proper fitting. You cannot expect to change them after every few months. Therefore, try to plan with the storage space. It would be best if you buy something that has slightly more area than you currently need. This way, you will have more room for other necessities in the future.

With Or Without Top

The single vanities are available both with and without tops. The vanity that comes with a top is easy to install and doesn’t mismatch. You can look for the style you want.

However, it’s limited to customization. Most of the time, you have to stick with the top that comes with it. Whereas for a top-less vanity, you are free to use a custom top. You can create your own vanity tops, get a custom build, or source it from any other place.

The only risk here is that you have to be accurate with the dimensions and shape. Any errors, you might end with elegant vanity with a weird-looking top.  


Consider using the internet to browse all the vanities that can be delivered to your doorsteps. The internet will offer you vast choices and ensure you get perfect vanity without any customization required. 

Hardware and Storage

Being a vanity, the cabinet will most probably have storage space. However, how much and in how many sections may differ for each model. There are vanities with just one large unit, and then there are the ones with multiple divisions. 

There is also a model that includes both shelves and hanging rods. They are rare, but you can get them. Thus, you must know what you plan to store in the cabinet.

Colors and Finish Quality

When getting a single vanity for bathrooms, choosing the right colors and texture is tricky. The choice you make here has a direct impact on the appeal of vanity. It can easily make or break the look of your bathroom or the spot where you have the vanity. 

And this aspect is not as simple as you think. Sure, you have to match the colors of the vanity with the walls, but it also includes matching it with lighting. The same thing also goes for the surface finish. 

If the place has less ambient light, the vanity indeed reflects more light. It will make the room well lit and create a highlight. 


If you have a small bathroom but light in color, go for a white color vanity. It reflects most of the light, making the room seem larger than it is. Adding some artificial light nearby can also come in handy.