Medicine Cabinets

Years back, medicine cabinets were just some wooden closets with mirrors covering their doors. Men and women used these cabinets to store toiletries and their mirrors to dress. And although it wasn’t always a part of the bathroom, the cabinet mostly stayed in an easily accessible area. Presently the medicine cabinets have become a crucial part of the bathroom. It mostly sits above the bathroom sink, providing storage space for bathroom supplies, makeup items, and, most importantly, medicines. So, if you are building a bathroom or renovating an old one, consider getting one of these cabinets. Find out below these products on how you can choose a model that will work best for you.

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Recessed or Surface Mounted

While the classic medicine storage cabinets stay above the wall, the modern ones have slightly more flexibility. You can get them in both recessed and non-recessed models. 

The surface-mounted model uses screws or adhesive to bind the shelve to the wall. It stays a few inches outwards and uses a slightly noticeable frame to hide the hinges. This model is also available in a leg-based design. 

In this design, the cabinet will have legs that help to place and secure it. As a result, it will not need heavy fastening as the other surface-mounted cabinets.  

The recessed bathroom medicine cabinets are more of a permanent deal. They are embedded into the wall and don’t stick out. In a closed position, the cabinet seems like a standard wall mirror. It’s good as there’s no risk of bumping your head or grassing shoulders. However, the storage space may be slightly less. It’s because the depth of the cabinet has to match the thickness of the wall. 


If you choose a surface mount bathroom medicine cabinets, make sure to check their corners. The corner needs to get smoothly rounded so you don’t get bruised or hurt, even if you accidentally bump into the cabinet.


Almost every modern bathroom medicine cabinet has a mirror on the front side. Plus, the backside of the cabinet stays attached to the wall. In the case of a recessed cabinet, even the sides remain hidden. So, there’s not much to consider in this part.

Whether you get this cabinet in wood or metal would not make that much of a difference. Just make sure that the pattern and appeal of the frame material align with the walls. It’s also essential to consider its water resistance and life expectancy.


When buying a large medicine cabinet for the bathroom, consider the weight for selecting the material. In addition, the material needs to be light so that the fasteners holding the cabinets don’t experience mechanical failure.  

Frame Type

The modern medicine cabinets come in multiple frame thicknesses. The thick frames are generally for a classic or rustic touch. The frame design is ideal for both surface mounted and recessed cabinets. However, it best suits the surface model due to its old-school appeal.

Another frame design is the beveled edges. Here the sides of the mirror are cut at an angle and have a distinct pattern on them. Again, it adds artistic and modern looks to the cabinets. 

And finally, there are the flat frames. They are simple yet charming frame designs. There is no cutting, designing, or anything like that. It’s just a flat mirror with very thin and sometimes no edges. The design is popular for adding an aesthetic and clean touch to the bathroom. 


Each of the frame types (except frameless) comes with several finishes. You can get them in polished, coated, pained, or stained looks. Make sure that the frame appearance compliments the nearby walls.  

Storage capacity

It’s never a good idea to go for small storage space, especially if you plan to stash many items in it. However, it’s also not a good idea to go for a huge medicine cabinet. It will eat up finances, is challenging to fit, and a part of it never gets used.

So, consider your storage requirement before getting a medicine cabinet. Then, collect all the items, line them up and calculate the area needed. Both small medicine cabinets and large bathroom cabinets have their pros and cons. You have to balance them.

Complimentary Features

The base use of medicine cabinets is to store stuff, but it can do more than that. Modern medicine cabinets come with inbuilt lights, magnifying mirrors, and sometimes additional shelves to store towels. Some cabinets also have sliding mirrors that help to adjust them for different heights. Check out these other features before getting and installing a cabinet.