Bathroom Vanities

Elegant bathroom vanities are instant-style uplifters. Done right, the use of bathroom vanity helps create the main attraction of your bathroom, adding a touch of class to the place. Their mirror can also enhance the overall ambiance using light reflection. However, fail to find a piece that matches your interior or place it wrong, and things turn weird. In addition, that piece can easily break the overall appeal of the bathroom. So, you have no option but to get it right on the first attempt.

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There is no specific purpose for bathroom vanities. Different people and interiors use them for various tasks. Some use them as a storage compartment, some for dressing, while it forms a base for the sink for many. 

So, the first thing to consider is how you plan to use your vanity. Prioritize the factors that are most crucial for your needs. Like if you plan to use it as a storage section, consider its volume over other factors. 

Similarly, if you need it for dressing, focus on the mirror size. Of course, you will need to consider other factors, but this will be the main. You can also consider getting custom bathroom vanities based on this analysis. 


If you need a vanity just for dressing, try wall-mounted vanities. These small bathroom vanities look like a box with a mirror on one side. It fits on the wall and has more than enough space for essential items you might need. 


The right spot for your vanity is not that tricky to find. It just needs you to consider factors like the obstacles in your place, space, and vanity size. If you have one of those modern bathroom vanities that come with a sink, you also need to consider pipelines. The vanity will need access to the water inlet and outlet. 

The vanity also needs to be easily accessible. You don't want to place it somewhere you or someone else at your home can't reach. You can also try walking around to see that the location doesn't obstruct your way.


Once you have a spot in mind, try opening and closing every storage unit and gate in your bathroom. Make sure that all of these, including their knobs, don't come near the vanity. 


When it comes to bathrooms, vanity material is an utterly important factor. It plays a direct role in the appeal and durability of the bathroom vanities. You must select a material that can undertake wear and tear of the area. 

Usually, it's best to go for a vanity that's water-resistant or at least splash-resistant. Wooden veneers, laminates, and even thermofoil are a great consideration here. 

Some unique bathroom vanities combine multiple materials for a better life and look. For instance, you can get a vanity with epoxy-coated wood. There is also the option of getting a wooden vanity with a metallic or ceramic countertop.

Most of them are even available in multiple sizes. So, there are no specifications as to which one works best. Just consider your styling needs, budget, interior and go for the one that seems the best.  

Vanity Shapes

The modern bathroom vanities usually come in three shapes-Round, square and rectangular. 

Rectangular: This shape is often for large bathrooms with a decent wall and floor area. You can prefer this for a master bathroom. It's also good if you plan to place more than one sink on it.

Square: These square vanities come under small bathroom vanities and are preferable for slightly small bathrooms. You can use it for mid-sized bathrooms of your flats or your additional bathrooms.

Round: Due to its shape, the vanity takes a considerably small space. It's preferable for places with dimensions of 11-20 square feet. However, you can get custom bathroom vanities made in this shape for a large bathroom. 


If you have a reasonably small space, try a corner vanity. These are somewhat less known but are excellent to save floor space and get the most out of a small bathroom.