Towel Storage

Having a bathroom towel storage may not be the most elegant addition to the place, but it’s definitely a useful one. The thing can ensure your linen stays organized, unaffected by water, and always ready to use. The bathroom towel storage also keeps the place clutter-free and non-distracting. In addition, it ensures you get access to those cozy towels as soon as you step out of the shower. Given here is a small guide that will help you find these amazing things for your bathroom. It will ensure that you don’t just get functionality but add to the looks of your bathroom.

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Mounting Method

Depending on the placement method, there are mainly two types of bathroom towel storage cabinets. 

Mounting: These are simple grid-like structures that include small cushioning or support on each corner. You have to attach them to the wall of your bathroom. Usually, they have four fasteners, one at each corner for attachment. They are good to hang towels above the ground and don’t consume floor space. You can mount this towel storage above your toilet or near the door with ease.

Standing: Standing towel storage is most common for large bathrooms. They mostly look like a closet with legs to keep it steady. These storage units can have multiple sections and accommodate many items, along with folded towels. Some of them even offer a closed area for stashing things.

When selecting from these variants, you have to consider the area of your bathroom. If you have a lot of it and also a spot that stays relatively dry, go for a standing bathroom towel storage. Otherwise, mounting storage will work. 


Whether it’s a small bathroom towel storage or a large one, one thing remains constant-weight. The towel may not seem much but stack these linens, and they get heavy. Not to mention the weight they gain after absorbing water. Thus, the storage unit needs decent strength to handle them.

Therefore, it’s unlikely that you will find it in plastic or any such material. The only choices you will have are metal and wood. Both these materials work fine, but wood is slightly more vulnerable to water.

Even MDF board or other engineered wood cannot resist a high quantity of water. So, it’s best to go for stainless steel or other such metal if you plan to place the unit close to the shower. The wood is better as an outdoor towel storage unit. 

Colors and Appearance

Just because towel storage is functional doesn’t mean it has to be boring. There are tons of towel storage ideas you can try to enhance their looks. Many towel storage comes pre-designed with different patterns, colors, and textures that you can consider. 

You can also get them in different finishes, including matte, polished and more. In the case of wood, you get to select the wood types and their lamination as well.

Simple Or Electric

Storing and safekeeping towels is one part of what the towel hanger or storage can do. The other part is drying them. Most towel storages nowadays come pre-fitted with an electric coil that heats it. It boosts the drying process.

The feature is limited to metallic stands for apparent reasons. So, the choice will depend on the type of storage you choose.

In case you are opting for electric storage, just make sure to note its power. It’s usually marked by watts, and it will determine the heating capacity of the unit. The more watts it offers, the better heating you get. Just don’t go too high on watts, as the electricity consumption will increase with every watt. 


The electric system can radiate a decent amount of heat, and it’s never ideal to use it in a closed environment. Instead, try to place it near a window so it gets a decent airflow.