Hampers And Laundry Baskets

Dirty laundry isn't something you want your friends or neighbors to see when they enter your place. So even when in the bathroom or sorted nicely, it is unappealing. But everyone has it, and at some point, you will have a massive pile of it. Life gets busy sometimes, you know. And at these times, you will need something to contain your dirty laundry. Some stylish hampers and laundry baskets can come in handy here. But of course, you can't just work with any hamper or basket in your home. It would be best to have something that matches your class, interior design, and serves quality.

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The most prominent part of any storage container is its material. It's the part that determines its strength, life, and vulnerabilities. But, unfortunately, it also has a direct effect on its cost. 

These laundry baskets and hampers come in the following materials.

Plastic: Not the most classy or preferable material, but it works. Besides, it's cheap and available in multiple colors and patterns. Plastic also has excellent resistance against water, dust, and other deteriorating agents.

Metallic: Metal like stainless steel makes an excellent material for laundry baskets and hampers due to their finish quality. It also packs good strength, durability, and damage resistance. And most of all, the sleek baskets offer modernized looks while locking out any odor from the laundry. However, it can cause moisture damage and need proper care. 

Fabric: These are practical options for everyone. The basket consists of a foldable frame covered with a fabric layer. It is easy to store and quite portable. However, it's fabric-based, so you might need to wash it at some point. 

Bamboo: Wicker and solid bamboo baskets are suitable alternatives for metallic or plastic laundry baskets or hampers. They are completely natural and come packed with excellent moisture resistance. 


If you place the basket very close to the shower, go for a bamboo basket and hampers. It can handle the extra moisture without taking much damage.


The laundry baskets and hampers are not limited by design and features. You will find them in many different types. Some will have the wheel for easy transportation; others may have foldable structures. Some laundry baskets even have a pull-out design and multiple compartment structure.

This part is a personal decision and won't have a significant difference in the basket's performance. In fact, most hampers won't need any wheels or foldability as they stay stationary. But obviously, having portability comes in handy while shifting and renovations. 


Always check that the basket or hamper you get has liners. Liners can collect dirt and hair from your clothes which you can dispose of easily. They prevent your main basket from these things.  


The total number of clothes you need to store in laundry baskets, sorters, and hampers will differ for each person. It will depend on the number of clothes you use and your laundry schedule. Thus, it's crucial to consider the size of your laundry baskets and hampers.

It needs to be big enough to accommodate all the laundry but not too big. Remember, the size of the basket will affect the interior and cover the bathroom's floor space. 


Try to get a basket with multiple compartments. It comes in handy for sorting clothes according to priority. Also, it's suitable for laundry management. 


One factor that most people ignore while getting a laundry basket is its cleaning routine. The baskets and hampers have to handle dirt and odor all the time. So, it's apparent that they will absorb a part of it every time. 

Depending on the location, the basket or hamper may also get water stains. Then there are the dirt particles that accumulate from the air onto the basket surface. Thus, you will need to clean them. 

Now, for a metallic product, a simple whipping and sanitization will work. In contrast, a plastic product may need a mild wash. The fabric basket, on the other hand, may require a complete and thorough wash. 

Wiping and mild washing is time-efficient, but washing is more profound and simpler. You can just remove the basket frame and toss the fabric layer into the washing machine with laundry. So, it's best to consider your convenience for this part.