Bathroom Counter Organizers

There are a lot of things we need to store in our bathrooms.  But before you buy a bathroom organizer, make sure it will function well in your countertop space.  You need to coordinate your bathroom counter organizers in the way you want things sorted out, or you will still end up with cluttered counters.  So it's no surprise that your toiletries, linens, and medicines will still end up overflowing onto your counters.  Below the products, we share some ideas on organizing your countertops while keeping your bathroom looking great.

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Plastic and Acrylic Organizers

Plastic and acrylic organizers offer an uncluttered look and save a lot of surface space on your bathroom countertops.  These bathroom counter organizers allow you to see what is inside and give you easy access to whatever you need.  

Hot Tool Organizers

The hot tool organizer has slots for blow dryers, curling irons, hairbrushes, and other essential tools.  It is made to withstand heat and keeps hot tools off the countertops.  It prevents heat damage and saves counter space.  Keep them right on the counter together with a hair accessory organizer.

Multi-level Cosmetic Organizer

The bathroom countertop is full of small things, including eye creams, concealers, pill bottles, lipsticks, among other things.  It is best to place them on a multi-level cosmetic organizer on your countertop. They'll stay visible, will give you easy access, and allow you to breeze through your morning beauty routine.

Stackable Storage Bin

The stackable storage bin has a locking ability allowing easy reshuffling, making them suitable for any space that requires additional storage.  The top shelf can hold fragrances and lotions, and other most important things. The pull-out bottom drawers can be a placeholder for more items.

Jewelry Organizer for your Bathroom Countertop

A jewelry organizer is perfect since it ensures that the pieces are safe and not damaged.  It is best to use a jewelry organizer with compartments in multiple sizes so you can sort necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more within the separate slots.  This way, when you store earrings, necklaces, watches, and bracelets in specialty jewelry holders, these won't get broken, misplaced, tangled, or lost.

Corner Vanity Shelf

Adding a small corner shelf by your bathroom countertop is the perfect addition to use for cosmetics, makeup, hair supplies, and countertop necessities.  It is essential to use all available spaces, especially the corner area since they are somewhat unconventional.  This corner vanity shelf is ideal for small countertop space. A free-standing corner design makes it easy to move where more storage is needed.

Storage Organizer Countertop Caddy

If you don't want a caddy that hangs, opt for a free-standing storage organizer countertop caddy to organize and declutter your bathroom countertop.  It is compact, portable, and perfect for putting in order and storing different kinds of bathroom essentials plus, looks great on the bathroom counter.

Points to Remember:

  • If you have a double vanity, the middle space of the countertop is the perfect spot to place a bathroom counter organizer for bathroom essentials.

  • The bathroom countertop organizer would be great if you pick an organizer that matches the shape of other features in the vanity or counter.  For example, try a round stackable storage organizer alongside the round sink and mirror.

  • For an added elegant and luxe visual effect, try to use mirrors in your bathroom countertop storage. A mirrored bathroom counter organizer is a great way to spread light around and set the tone for the rest of the space.

  • When selecting bathroom countertop organizers, consider their dimensions. Also, be sure the unit doesn’t obstruct the mirror or prevent you from plugging in any electrical bathroom devices.

  • Use bathroom countertop organizers that maximize storage space so that fewer items are on the bathroom countertop.