Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

Bathroom vanity mirrors are a useful and fantastic addition to bathroom decor. In addition to this, they can be a perfect statement or decoration piece. Unfortunately, some people don't pay much attention to selecting bathroom mirrors. But getting the correct mirror for your bathroom is essential, both for its aesthetics and functionality. Before purchasing a bathroom mirror, you should know various things, including size, shape, space, budget, and more. Then, after considering all the factors, you can shortlist a few models and choose the ideal mirror for your bathroom.

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The mirrors are usable for personal grooming and to reflect ambient light. Not just this, but bathroom mirrors also make the space look bigger and brighter.

It is essential to examine the bathroom mirror's space while determining the bathroom size. It is one of the important factors that need to be considered before purchasing. It would be perfect for getting a mirror that properly fits the desired place. Obviously, it looks weird; if you buy a bigger mirror that does not fit at the spot where you want to place it.


Generally, the perfect spot to hang the mirror is over the bathroom cabinet or the sink. Hence, it is advised not to purchase a mirror wider than the bathroom vanities.


Before buying bathroom vanity mirrors, you must know how much you can willingly spend. There are some affordable models, and some are more expensive compared to others. If you properly set your budget, choosing the right mirror type for your bathroom will become easy.

Mirror Height

It would be ideal to consider mirror height before buying the bathroom vanities mirror. The mirrors only work and look best if hung at an ideal height. The perfect height for bathroom mirrors is a foot above and below the eye line. No matter how tall or short you are, the same rule applies to all. The taller the bathroom mirror, the more it enhances the bathroom space. Besides this, if your mirror has extra height, it offers more viewing angles.

Framed or Frameless

Before buying a bathroom vanity mirror, you need to figure out whether you want it framed or frameless. Both frameless and framed mirrors are suitable for all bathrooms and look great. However, framed bathroom mirrors offer more visual impact to your space. If your bathroom decor is quite simple, you can choose a bright-colored framed mirror with an attractive design. At the same time, the frameless mirrors are ideal for offering the illusion of more space. So, it's a matter of your personal preference.

Identify the Accurate Shape

Before buying bathroom mirrors, it is important to consider the shape you need. The bathroom vanity mirrors come in various shapes such as round, oval, square, and rectangular. Rectangular and round ones are among the most popular bathroom vanity mirror shapes.

However, while selecting bathroom mirrors, only your preference is not enough to make a final decision. There is also a need to consider where you're hanging the mirror. It must look good and fit properly at the decided place. So, select the shape that goes well with the overall bathroom space and decor.

Identify the Correct Size

Always try to buy a bathroom mirror that is large enough to fulfill your needs. But it should not be too large for your vanity table. If your bathroom has space issues, you can purchase several compact mirrors and hang them as a group. For your convenience, you can take references from the dimension of different mirrors to determine the accurate size of bathroom mirrors that fits appropriately in your space.