Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors make a tremendous addition to your bathroom. They are one of the smartest investments for your bathroom because they give immediate returns. The mirrors instantly uplift the appearance of your bathroom and transform it. Whether designing a new bathroom or decorating your old one, go with some ultra-modern and inexpensive decor pieces. It is essential to look at the best mirrors in the marketplace.

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You should select a mirror that will enhance the design of your bathroom and suit your requirements. You have numerous options of bathroom mirrors depending on size, style, material, and shape to choose from. Listed below are some of the factors you should consider.

Types of Bathroom Mirror

A perfect bathroom is incomplete without a decorative mirror. There are several types of bathroom mirrors present in the market. Following are some types of bathroom mirrors:

Wall-Hung mirror: Wall mirror is a primary type of mirror, which is simply hung on the wall. Keep in mind the size of your mirror and the wall where you will hang it. For example, the perfect place to hang your mirror in the bathroom is above the washbasin. You can choose the area according to the design of your bathroom.

Decorative mirror: When decorating is your first preference, decorative mirrors are the perfect option. It comes with interesting frames and unique shapes that give your bathroom a stylish and glamorous look.

Full-length mirror: You need to have something that indicates how beautiful you are every day! Leave this job on the full-length mirrors. It gives the true reflection of who you are and gives a way to see yourself from head to toe. It can be placed vertically or horizontally according to your preference.

Floor mirror: A floor mirror is another type of full-length mirror, except this one, does not hang on the wall. Instead, it comes with a foot or uses a nearby wall as support. Due to the independent frame, the floor mirror does not require any installation; you can simply just unfold it and place it where it best fits.

Bathroom Mirror Shapes

Once you know which mirror type is perfect for your bathroom, now it's time to select the perfect shape for the mirror. Following are the ideas of the different shapes present in the market:

Square-Rectangle Bathroom mirror: Square mirrors have the same dimensions in all directions, but rectangular mirrors do not. Generally, square shape mirrors are smaller than rectangular shape mirrors. Therefore, the square bathroom mirror is the perfect option for your small-sized bathroom. In contrast, a Rectangular mirror is great for large bathrooms.

Circular-Oval Bathroom mirror: Circular and oval-shaped bathroom mirrors are the energetic contrast to your bathroom that enhances your design elements. These are great additions if your bathroom has angular sinks, tiles, and fixtures that help to give a tiled look to your bathroom.

Materials for Bathroom Mirror

If you decide to go for a framed mirror, it's essential to choose the right material. Following are the ideas regarding the material for your mirror:

Wood: Wood is a versatile option. It comes in various colors and can be enhanced by painting or polishing the surface, giving you limitless options to match your design scheme.

Glass: If you have a modern bathroom, you have to go with glass framed mirrors. Glass mirrors give a seamless look to your interior design. Different colors are available in glass material to add an accent to your bathroom.

Metallic: If you have a modern theme and need a sleek, shiny frame for your bathroom mirror, metallic is the best option for you. As a metallic mirror has a hard surface and is naturally smooth, it gives a sophisticated look to your bathroom.

In designer mirrors, metals like silver, aluminum, and protected gold are used for coating. Although, aluminum is mostly preferred because of its reflectance and price.