Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories allow you to add personality to express your exclusive style in your bathroom.  These bathroom accessories are a necessity, and they play a vital role in providing the 'finishing touches' that make using your bathroom more efficient.  Furthermore, the bathroom accessories set offers an affordable way to freshen up a bathroom with an exquisite style and finish.  Whether your bathroom style is modern, contemporary, or traditional, we have got a range of bathroom accessories that will look great in any bathroom.

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Below we have selected a few examples of typical bathroom accessories. It is by no means an exhaustive list as there will be many more types and variations. But perhaps the items described and explained can provide some initial inspiration as to what to consider and look for to spice up your bathroom and make it both more attractive and functional.

Bathroom Lights as part of your accessories

With the correct type of lighting in your bathroom, you can enjoy a warm romantic ambiance needed for a truly relaxing bathing experience.  There are four main types of bathroom lights:

Wall lights – have the sheer versatility of function and attractive design that come in a wide range of forms and finishes.

Ceiling lights – general ceiling lights in the bathroom are only suitable for ambient light but aren't ideal for beauty and grooming tasks.

Shower lights – incorporating shower lights in your bathroom adds excitement to your daily shower experience.

Mirror lights – provide an additional accent, and when placed on the mirror's side, it offers the best lighting for detailed tasks.

You can also see even more by going to our section lighting.

Toilet roll holders

Toilet roll holders are essential for every bathroom accessories.  It can add a great touch to a bathroom since it comes in different styles and colors.  Toilet roll holders help to provide a hygienic and pleasant solution for loose paper rolls which look unsightly and messy.  It also keeps the paper roll free from moisture and other contaminants. In addition, using a toilet roll holder prevents toilet paper rolls from being stowed on surfaces such as sanitary units, ledges, and floors.

Bathroom Mirrors

Every bathroom needs bathroom mirrors and is available in many styles ranging from small magnifying mirrors to large-sized mirrors.  You use this bathroom accessory to check out the way you look, shave, or apply makeup.  Typically, bathroom mirrors are placed above their vanity or use mirror cabinets.

Towel Rails & Rings

Towel rails and rings are another absolute bathroom accessories set that are essential and help keep your bathroom neat.  These bathroom accessories need to be near the shower/bath area and beside the sink for convenience.  It provides an effective way to hang towels, and they all come in different materials and stylistic benefits that fit into most bathroom styles.

Bathroom Shelves

One benefit of bathroom shelves is the availability of more space to store necessary items used in the bathroom, and it also serves as a decorative item.  These bathroom accessories are the most basic and will help to keep your bathroom free of clutter.  Bathroom shelves are available in a range of different materials such as glass, wood, and metal.

Bathroom Storage

Whether you opt for a stock or custom-built bathroom storage, these bathroom accessories will allow you to use the space in your bathroom more efficiently. In addition, it adds functionality to your bathroom since it offers plenty of storage to hold cosmetics, bathroom supplies, and cleaning products.

Bathroom Bins

For those concerned with cleanliness and hygiene, bathroom bins keep your bathroom trash free and are the most hygienic solution to prevent the spread of germs. Stainless steel bathroom bin with resistant plastic receptacles such as polypropylene is the best option to avoid corrosion of your bathroom bin's interior. For bathroom bins, it is common to use a 2 to 5 liters capacity.

Bathroom Hooks

Installing bathroom hooks or towel hooks can save you space in small bathrooms. In addition, wall-mounted bathroom hooks or installed at the back of the bathroom door allow you to keep your bathroom organized.

Laundry Baskets

Having laundry baskets will allow you to easily arrange or keep dirty clothes in any corner of your bathroom. In addition, the lightweight design of laundry baskets makes them more functional.  There are laundry baskets available in the market today that have different kinds of functionality features and designs. These baskets help keep everything organized appealingly, and it is a great way to hide the mess scattering around.  

Points to Remember:

  • Try to place a bathroom mirror on the wall across your bathroom window. It will increase the depth of the space of your bathroom.  Bathroom mirrors can help add a feeling of making the room feel more spacious.

  • To protect the surrounding surfaces, it is handy that the bathroom bin includes rubber feet.

  • Mirror lights need to be mounted at least 28 inches apart and 60 inches from the floor to ensure that the lights are in line with your face.  When installing a light above the mirror, it must be about 78 inches from the floor.