Nursery Furniture

Modern day nurseries are a far cry from the simple crib and bed arrangements of days past. Today, nursery furniture all about functionality, safety, and style. And if it concerns their newborns and toddlers, parents are ready to go the extra mile to ensure their kids are comfortable, safe and look stylish too. It means coordinated furniture pieces that contribute to the overall look and feel of the nursery.  Affordable nursery furniture sets that combine comfort, convenience, safety, and style, have come as a boon for modern-day mummy-daddies.

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Advantages of Nursery Furniture Sets

Cohesiveness: Each one of the furniture items is designed and packaged for a uniform look, giving the nursery a consistent look and finish. The color scheme and style of the nursey furniture sets will immediately give you an idea of their suitability in the interior décor of your home.

Convenience: It takes far less time to choose a nursery furniture set when compared to the laborious process of individually selecting the different items and then matching them. Comparing a couple of furniture sets is far easier and more practical than comparing several cribs, changing tables, and dressers! 

Cost: There’s economy in numbers, goes the old saying. Buying a combination or set works out cheaper to produce and sellers pass on these savings to the consumers. The result is affordable nursery furniture sets that are ideal for your budgets.

Choosing Furniture for Your Precious Baby

It can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first-born. Fortunately, there are nursery furniture sets that suit your expectations, in terms of style, budget, utility, and safety. But with a plethora of nursery furniture collections on offer, selecting the right one for your home, can still be a tough ask for you. Here’s how you can match your choices with your priorities, to ensure your little bundle of joy has the picture-perfect nursery!

Essentials of a Nursery Furniture Set

Crib: A furniture basic to help your precious baby sleep tight through the night.  You could opt between a traditional ‘static’ crib or a convertible model that can be adjusted to fit your growing baby. 

Changing Table: A functional piece that allows you to change baby’s diapers without hassle. Built-in drawers or shelves can be used to store fresh nappies, towels and sundry items.   

Dresser: Tiny tots mean lots and lots of diapers, clothes, towels and other paraphernalia. It also means you’ll need to provide for adequate storage in the form of a dresser for the nursery.

Tips to Choose your Ideal Nursery Furniture Set

  1. Select furniture sets in colors that contrast with the nursery wall colors. If you have a modern-looking nursery on your mind, furniture in sleek lines will do the job well. For a more traditional look, you can opt for more ornate furniture styles.

  2. Features that enhance the child’s safety, for instance straps on the changing pad will keep your baby from slipping off the table. Tip-over restraints are another safety feature that you should be looking for when shopping for nursery furniture. Similarly, stay away from cribs fitted with dangerous drop-side. 

  3. Babies are constantly growing and their requirements keep changing as well. To keep things simple, opt for furniture with features that make life easy for you. For instance, convertible cribs, cribs with adjustable mattress height, cribs with built-in storage.