Kids Bunk Beds

For parents of two or more, there will come the point when you ask yourself, "should I get a bunk bed for the kids?" This is one of many questions and decisions that parents will have to make. And it will be one that they will either celebrate or regret. So the question is, should you get bunk beds for your kids? Before you decide, we have shared some things you may want to consider below the products underneath.

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Benefits of Getting a Kid's Bunk Bed

Can Help You Save Space

The idea behind bunk beds is straightforward, stack one bed on top of another to save space. This still holds today, and modern designs take this even further by having extra beds and storage space. Getting a bunk bed is suitable for families with grown-up kids who don't have as much space to provide to everybody.

Stacked or Separated

If an older child wants a bunk bed but is unsure if the younger one is ready for it, you can get a bunk bed that can be separated into two beds. That way you won't have to buy two sets of beds. Instead, just stack them when you are sure the younger one is ready.

Great for Sleepovers

A sleepover is almost necessary for any growing-up kid. Oh, the memories they will have of their sleepovers with their friends. Having bunk beds make sleepover extra unique as it provides extra sleeping space for your guests.

It Provides Privacy In a Shared Room

When two kids share a room, privacy becomes a big issue, especially when they get older. With a bunk bed, you can give each one their own "space" and a little bit of privacy. You can let each kid decide on how they will design and decorate their space. This gives them the feeling of "owning" an area and therefore become directly responsible for it.

Great for Storage

The modern design of bunk beds takes the "save space" approach to a whole new level. For example, some bunk beds come with individual shelves, desks, drawers, and cupboards that are cleverly hidden within the bunk bed—this multiplies the effective storage area within the room by a significant margin.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Kid's Bunk Bed

Safety First

If your family still has babies or toddlers, then a bunk bed may not be a good idea. However, if you need one for the older kids, make sure the top bunk is out of reach. Adding extra safety rails for younger kids is always a good idea.

If you want to be sure, find a bunk bed with a removable ladder or one that has a safety door of sorts. This is something that will help prevent smaller kids from reaching the top bunk. Lastly, as a rule, you should let your kids know that they can play on the bunk bed under no circumstances.

It May Trigger Some Phobias

Before you buy a bunk bed, make sure you let your kids give it a try first. Many kids may not be aware that they have specific phobias triggered by a bunk bed. The most common is the fear of heights for those who sleep on the top bunk and claustrophobia. In the case of claustrophobia, some kids feel that they are not comfortable sleeping at the bottom or top bunk because they feel like the ceiling is too close to them. So you if possible try to make sure the kids are comfortable with it before buying one.

Don't Forget the Storage Space

If you will buy a bunk bed for kids, make sure to check for the ones that come with extra storage space. They are a bit pricier, but they combine multiple room furniture into one, so you are technically saving some money.