Let's build a better furniture industry

At Interiorbeat we want to build a site where customers can get the complete overview in one place, so they buy the right product and hopefully keep it longer (which is the most sustainable). A product where retailers can get sales risk-free and where furniture brands can get the attention they deserve and is struggling so much within the ever more competitive landscape of e-commerce.

By doing this we hope to help make the industry just a little better. A little less "fast furniture", more products that get bought to last, and to help smaller brands grow.

Here you will find articles on what we are building and what we are learning as we dig into this fascinating and impactful industry.

You can read more about Interiorbeat and our mission here.

A Step Closer to Furniture's Environmental Footprint
A Step Closer to Furniture's Environmental Footprint
Mads Løntoft
by Mads Løntoft