About Interiorbeat

At Interiorbeat we are building a product to help people find the exactly right furniture by collecting interior products from hundreds of retailers in one place.

On this page, you can read more about the problem we are trying to solve, how we are trying to make the furniture industry a bit more sustainable, our team and our roadmap.

What problem are we solving?

Every month millions of people are doing furniture category searches in Google. These people know what kind of product they want, but they haven't found the exact right model.

Let's say that you are designing your living room in your new apartment and you know that the one thing missing is a green 3-person velour sofa with a chaise. At Interiorbeat we want to have a page with products from hundreds of retailers that fit exactly in this category.

We want our users to get the feeling that they are looking at the complete overview and that they find the product that feels completely right.

The above is the main problem we are trying to solve and it's our main focus. Further down the road, we hope to also help both retailers and especially smaller furniture brands.

How do we want to change the world for the better?

Americans now throw out more than 12 million tons of furniture every year. Very little of this is recycled and the number is just continuing to grow. Furniture was once something you bought to last a lifetime, but now "Fast Furniture" is a term and it's normal to buy furniture based on short trends.

If we can help people find the exact right product they are looking for, our theory is that that piece of furniture will be kept longer than if you buy something based on an ad or a content piece talking about a new trend.

We are definitely not there yet, but this is our big goal. This is also why we won't try to inspire you to buy into the newest fad and you won't see ads on social media from us.

The get more knowledge about the environmental footprint of furniture, we have built the Furniture Footprint Calculator that we are open-sourcing and sharing with universities, furniture designers, and manufacturers.

Our team

Nikolaj Astrup
Nikolaj Astrup
Nikolaj has been an entrepreneur for +15 years, always building products and services online. His latest project, Refuga, got mentioned in CNN, Forbes, Bloomberg, and FastCompany. Nikolaj has an interest for how people live and got the idea for Interiorbeat, when moving back to Denmark after living abroad.
Mads Løntoft
Mads Løntoft
Mads has been actively involved with entrepreneurship for the past 15 years. This has been in various roles including as founder, advisor, and investor. Since 2016 Mads has been teaching entrepreneurial courses as Copenhagen Business School. To Mads, Interiorbeat is the perfect combination of striving for positive impact in society with business opportunity.
Max Druzhinin
Max Druzhinin
Max has been a web artisan for more than 10 years and shares his enthusiasm and passion by creating a great web experience for users. He also loves self-development practices and mindfulness. Max holds a Master of Computer Science from Western Ukraine National University.

How we make money

When a user on Interiorbeat finds the exact right product on the site, we send them to the retailer who sells the product. If the user buys the product on the retailer website we get a commission. You can read more about how we work with furniture brands here.

Contact Interiorbeat

Interiorbeat is run by a distributed team working from different countries. We don't have official office hours or a phone number where you can contact us. You are always more than welcome to email Co-founder Nikolaj Astrup at nikolaj@interiorbeat.com and he will get back to you fast.