About Interiorbeat

Find what you need for your home from any retailer

Interiorbeat is on a quest to create the leading online home category aggregator. This is achieved by bringing together the full selection of items for the home from virtually all retailers in the domain. We want to provide the ultimate site for you as a shopper so that you can find just the right item for your home in the simplest way possible.

What you need, not what is pushed the hardest

By enriching the data available for each item on our site, we strive to enable you to filter the entire product selection across a wide array of specifications. We want you to be able to find the perfect item for your home, not what is pushed the hardest or backed by the biggest ad budget by some brand or retailer.

We partner with retailers across the US to make their product selection available on our site for you. We work with both the largest and smallest retailers to ensure that all can display their product offering in a way that is as convenient as possible for you.

How we make money

When you use our site and find a product that you’re interested in we will show you where you can buy it. If you click through to the retailer and buy the product, we get a small cut of the price. This is how we are able to pay ourselves and keep continuing the development of this site. Importantly, it does not make the product cost more for you.