34" Outdoor Top Bistro Table
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34" Outdoor Top Bistro Table by Outsunny


The Outsunny 34 Outdoor Glass Top Bistro Table is the perfect addition to your outdoor space. With its elegant design and durable construction, this bistro table will last for years in any weather! The glass top allows you t oenjoy refreshing meals while keeping an eye on what's happening around you- whether it be bugs or wildlife. If there aren't enough room inside but all of life wants out then just grab some friends by their hands (or arms) because now they can join forces with us outside too; we'll make sure everyone has plenty sippy cups ready so no one goes thirsty during these heat waves. Do not let lack oft he.
Reasons to buy 34" Outdoor Top Bistro Table by Outsunny:
  • You'll have plenty of room for your guests.
  • The table's glass top will keep your food and drinks cool.
  • Enjoy outdoor dining with friends and family.
  • Spend more time outside with loved ones this summer!


Brand: Outsunny
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Last updated: 01/04/2022
IB's notes:
  • Outsunny was founded in 2010.
  • Outsunny has told us that they partly create their products in the US.


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